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Our college library plays an integral role in supporting learning across the school ensuring that students have easy access to print and online resources. 

The physical library is open from 8.30 am to 3.20 Monday to Friday for reading sessions  and independent study.  The library is also open during interval and lunchtime. 

Reading is very much at the heart of our library’s existence.

The library organises reading competitions and events such

as book clubs and authors' visits.  Our Sora e-library provides

24/7 access to free e-books and audiobooks.  Students can

log in on using their school email account. 

The library is staffed by our qualified librarian Cynthia Gonzalez who runs our reading sessions, helps students locate resources and provides advice on research skills. Our  librarian encourages students to enjoy reading and loves to recommend books to read for pleasure, interest, or inquiry.

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