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We do not ask for student donations. Our College has opted into the Government's school donation scheme. We try and keep costs low for students and still provide an exciting and innovative curriculum, at certain times (school camps etc) we will need to ask parents for contributions. In such cases, we will attempt to give students as much notice as possible.


For Attendance Dues, you will receive a letter and invoice from the Catholic Schools Board. This letter will include a code for your child. When you make an Attendance Dues payment via internet banking or at Westpac Bank please include this code. Payment can either be made in full or smaller weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments.  If you have any questions regarding this please speak to Chris Theobald or Peter Setefano call the Catholic Schools Board on 0800 462 725.

For more information about Attendance Dues (Property and Insurance Fee), you can read this newsletter from the Archdiocese by clicking here


We are no longer giving students stationery lists, so whanau don't have to stress about getting the right stationery themselves. Our College provides free stationery for all students from Year 7 right up to Year 13 so they can have a quality education experience with us.

We are a Bring-your-own-device school and the only thing that we ask whānau to provide is a Chromebook for your child, one that is charged and with them every school day.

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