Learning Support and English Language Learning (ELL)

Learning Support and English Language Learning (ELL)

We have a very active Learning Support Department who work with families to meet the best interests of students needing extra help in achieving.   The Learning Support Department works with families, students and teachers to help support and grow the learner.  We are also able to access outside support from organisations when needed to help support our staff, students and families.

Our philosophy is to support students to reach their full potential and engage successfully in mainstream education. We develop skills in:

  • Resilience
  • Self esteem
  • Confidence
  • Independent learning strategies

Students can access the learning support department to help them with their learning at any time. Parents are also welcome to bring concerns about their child’s learning to us.

We have an experienced and dedicated team of teacher aides who work in the classroom to support students in their learning. They also provide support for students engaged in alternative learning programmes and help teachers with material and resources to make the curriculum accessible to all students.

We engage support for our students through a range of services offered from the Ministry of Education. Support is provided for both learning and behaviour issues. We are committed to ensuring that all possible funding and support is provided for students.

Our team works closely with the pastoral team in the school to ensure that the full range of support needed by individual students is available at Bishop Viard College.

We take a proactive stance on establishing which students require Special Assessment Conditions for all NZQA exams and internals. Testing is conducted to provide school based evidence and make strong applications to NZQA to ensure all our students who are entitled to SAC receive the conditions they need. We believe that all barriers to students demonstrating their full potential in exams should be removed.