In Science we deliver a rigorous, standards-based education that supports learners in their sense of wonder, confidence, and engagement with the world.

Science is a rational and systematic method to explain and understand the world around us. It involves creativity by producing ideas for testing, observing and gathering evidence, inquiring, investigating, modelling, communicating and debating. Scientific progress comes from logical, systematic work and from creative insight, critical thinking and a respect for evidence. Through inquiry and well integrated teaching, students view Science as an important discipline that relates with other subject disciplines, which improves the ability of students to make valued contributions to society. To do this, in Science we support capabilities such as:

  • Analysis and higher-order thinking;
  • Communication and using specialist language;
  • Problem solving;
  • Social interaction and managing your learning;
  • Effective citizenship and contribution to Catholic character.

Science within a special character school has to be understood in the larger context of God’s Creation. We support the Faith of students by teaching through the lens of both faith and reason, where we can easily make links to the Catholic faith.

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