Junior School

Junior School

The Junior Department aims to develop the whole person.  We believe strongly in achievement.  Students are challenged to be the best versions of themselves and to learn through taking risks and making mistakes.  Students are encouraged to own their own learning and behaviour in a supportive and collaborative learning environment where student voice is valued.

We feel it is important for our students to feel safe to share their thinking, form opinions and challenge what they do not agree with in a respectful way.  We aim to develop inquiring minds and thinking skills for future pathways.

It is our duty to ensure all Year 7 and 8 students are prepared for College.  It is often a challenging time for students moving out of their Primary school and we understand this.

We help the student develop:

  • Questioning;
  • Thinking;
  • Aiming high and taking ownership of learning;
  • Walk the faith;
  • Build resilience;
  • Build confidence and self-belief;
  • Take ownership – Self Management, Time Management;
  • Value own success and have pride;
  • Global citizens;
  • Be the best version of yourself;
  • Support others learning;
  • Encourage, collaborate, tolerate;
  • Be R.E.A.D.Y.