Donations and School Fees

Donations and School Fees

An invoice of school fees and donations will be sent out at the beginning of the new year. Payment can be made by

  • cheque
  • cash
  • Automatic Payment (AP) – you can download the AP form by clicking here
  • or direct deposit to 12-3254-0090118-00 (Please include your family name and the item/subject it is covering, in the particulars field).

We do everything we can at school to provide a full range of courses and opportunities. Unfortunately Government funding does not cover the cost of all of these so we need to provide an option for families to make donations. We would like to encourage parents and caregivers to donate the amount suggested or whatever is affordable. A donation receipt will be sent out each April so you can claim a tax rebate.

For Attendance Dues you will receive a letter and invoice from the Catholic Schools Board. This letter will include a code for your child. When you make an Attendance Dues payment via internet banking or at Westpac Bank please include this code. Payment can either be made in full or smaller weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments. We cannot accept any Attendance Dues payments at school. If you have any questions regarding this please call the Catholic Schools Board on 0800 462 725.

For more information about Attendance Dues (Property and Insurance Fee) you can read this newsletter from the Archdiocese by clicking here