Kia ora – Talofa lava

Kia ora – Talofa lava

Our Catholic Values - cropped


The soul forms the deep foundation for every part of life, as well as being our connection to the divine. Prayer feeds the soul, and teaches it patience and joy, while generosity in the service of others draws it closer to the truth of the world. Viard College is a community knitting together souls for the benefit of everyone. A strong community, devoted to education and mindful of the profound strength and precious nature of the soul, is a force for good and a loving tribute to God.

Peer Mentoring


The mind is the lens through which the light of the world is focused on the self and helps it to thrive. The opportunity for academic success, support in the development of personal values, and the fostering of social skills and culture are all integral to the health and delight of the mind. Young minds should be encouraged to develop and grow, and to nurture a lifelong love of learning.

Cooking and steam


The body is a vital support for every experience in a person’s life, so maintaining its health increases appreciation for every aspect of world. Sport, play, the development of fitness, and the exploration of movement, expand the self socially, physically, and mentally. Perhaps most importantly, the ability to respect and joyfully sustain the bodies that have been given to each one of us is an essential component of peace.